Growing up, self-tanners, ...and doing all the things!!!!

Do you ever make lists of things you need to do? I don't mean things like stopping for gas, or buying a new nail polish. I mean BIG things. Grown up things. The kind of things that you have to do on your lunch break when the business is open. Things that require legal jargon, or measurements, or notaries.

I've had a pretty overwhelming list for the past 4 months. I'm finally getting to the end of it, which feels good. Looking back however, I've noticed how much I ran from these tasks. Decisions that can change the course of your life need to be well thought out, and executed with importance. I took the time to research them, organize the plan, and then.....I postponed. I didn't delay because I didn't want to face them. I didn't delay because it caused an emotional downturn. I delayed simply because "I don't wanna!". I wanted my mom to do it, or my teacher, or my big sister. I don't wanna go talk to the mean man behind the desk. I don't wanna go stand in line to fill out forms. And I definitely don't wanna wait for things to come back in the mail. I'm beginning to think that I'm not lazy, I'm spoiled to having not have had to be a grown up. I'm 31, I own a home, a vehicle, I have a credit card, and a career. These things, while grown up, came at the decision of someone else, or, were set into motion because they were a choice that benefited more than just myself. What I have not had to deal with is being the only one that takes care of the the things that only affect me. Most of my adult life I filled my agenda with tasks that affected myself AND others. So I had the interests of someone else in mind, and it motivated me. When it only affects me, I don't seem to have the same sense of urgency. Why do we put ourselves last, even when there is no one else ahead of us?

Things I took care of yesterday: Filed petition to be restored to my maiden name (you're welcome dad), cancelled DishNetwork because I really don't watch TV, and bought legit air filters for my house (I'm moving up from the $3/3-pack). These are things that really only affect me and they were very difficult to get around to. ~Don't grow up. It's a trap~

Services rendered

I don't know if you get as excited about free services as I do, but when someone takes time to think of me, and help me out without being prompted, that is the coolest. Last night I came home to a freshly mowed lawn, and then a neighbor brought me enchiladas. Quite possibly those that gave their time and effort didn't feel a strain in the giving, but to the receiver it was a major gift. Thank you C and H (not the sugar company) for being so sweet. (pun intended)

Fan of tan

I like being tan. I don't like cancer. I tanned in a bed for many years, but last season (2014) I took the summer off. Back in 2005-2007 I used a product called Fake Bake. It was the only brand of self-tanner that didn't make me orange. I decided to give it another try, and after a full year of re-experimenting I wanted to let you know that you should get on Amazon and buy it all the time, and wear it like it's your job. It smells good, it makes your skin soft, and it's very easy to apply. It has a handy color guide in it so that you know you didn't miss any spots. As a bonus, if you're really lazy in the mornings like me, you can NOT rinse the color guide off and you'll look super tan for the day. ...don't do this in the rain though, or if you're planning on sweating. It will also run if you have it on while drooling or crying. 

Fake tans are hot. 

Don't be this girl.

Pictures of things!

Co-garden is complete. How beautiful the silence of growing things. Life's a garden, dig it.

Not Fritos and pizza.

 I long for the days when the heart was spoken in such a way.

...but then this really does sound like me. So, I'll take truth however I can get it.

Do things that make you and others smile today. If you don't get to be here tomorrow, what will you be remembered for today?


  1. The border stones on your co-garden remind me of the gravestones they would represent if it were my garden. Good luck!


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