Planting, scones, and doing all the things!


Hi guys. Glad to have you back this week. I have been busy, so we have a lot to go over.

Since last weeks check-in I can report that I still have not found my iPod. Sad face. I'm sure you were keeping high hopes that I would come back with positive news; so sorry. No dice. Also, no one has offered to let me borrow/buy one! You are not very helpful readers. ...wait, come back. I'm sorry, you're the best. Don't go! Ok.

Here is what I have accomplished:

I made homemade strawberry scones. They were a little tangy as the strawberries weren't as ripe as I would have liked. Also, I put too many strawberries in (as if that is possible) and so they were more moist than normal. Edible nonetheless and fantastic. Don't complain, you didn't make them.

(like my dress? spring!)

 I planted spearmint, lemon balm, chocolate mint, and basil. This is a random spearmint sprig that was left behind. I don't use the chimenea so I thought maybe it would grow in there.
 Grandma Spaw's limestone planter. She always planted salmon geraniums in it. I have salmon geraniums in another pot, and filled this one with potato vine and that deep purple thing I like.
 "To plant a garden is to believe in the future"

He worked the field, and tilled the dirt. It is my turn to grow the bounty.

Sweet 100s, chocolate cherry, early girl, cucumbers, cantaloupe, yellow squash, zucchini, sweet banana peppers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and okra.

Co-gardening, year one.


 An insurance saleman ate half the bowl of peanuts on his clients' coffee table one evening during his presentation. He apologized for overindulging. They told him not to worry, they just like the chocolate off of them. .......uh

(fitness whole burger in my mouth)

 Squat challenge with 'Prell. We've know each other since our 20s, so let's keep our hineys looking like they did when we met.

No baggy butts. Squat till it's hot. Drop it like a squat. Earn the burn. Train the pain.

I really love when friends (or strangers) fall in love/hate with running. This guy here just started a few weeks ago, and already ran a 5k! I may have pressured him into signing up. Don't judge, he enjoyed it...I think...he got a medal! We both placed 3rd in our age groups. Very proud of him and super honored to be a part of his first race, first medal, and a new start in fitness! Frennnnnnz.


 Next thing to add to my project list. Isn't it fantastic? I know someone that dabbles in the lighting realm, so this may get done one day.

 I am that. I believe that. Keep telling me that. I'll never forget that.
Bowties and waist belts make for an uncomfortable visit after too much Easter dinner. FAKE SMILE EVERYONE!

Be lovely today.


  1. Impressed by all these things. Keep up the good work. No baggy butts!


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