My best advice

Wednesday, Wednesday, how are you?

We're about half-way through the week and I'm already 100% done for the day. Some days I really want to stay in bed with my dreams. I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, but what I got was wonderful. It's my own fault for being drowsy today, so I can't be upset. Thank God I had a comfy bed to rest in, and a roof over my head. Now if only He would allow me to stay there longer sometimes. :)

Today is the Need to Breathe concert. I'm totally pumped. Who wouldn't want to make the drive with a great guy by their side? Spending the evening worshiping and rocking out. I already have my big, dumb girl smile on. (shh, don't tell him, he'll tease me about my googly eyes again)

Check back tomorrow for my concert review in one of my favorite posts: Khaki Thursday! I love my weekly traditions...

Things that make you go..."oh no, stop talking"

Advice:  recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct; counsel

I am not good at this. I have a good head on my shoulders. I make sound, researched, and calculated decisions. I'm not a hothead, I'm not quick to decide things. I like to look at all of my options, my future consequences, and make the most logical choice.

Giving this advice for your situation...well, that doesn't work so well. I am a FANTASTIC listener. I can listen to your anger, worry, depression, disappointment, concern, confusion, and desires forever! I can agree with you, I'm not afraid to confront you when I think you're being unfair, or incorrect. What I can't do is pump you up. I seem to give the 'it's going to get better; look on the bright side; there's your silver lining; it could be worse' speech, but it doesn't really help anyone. I just say awkward things that don't make sense to anyone. Lord how I wish I was good at giving advice. I feel like a failure when I can't make someone see the upside. 

What I can do is compliment you. I can tell you how wonderful you are. Why you are important to me. How you make my day/life turn around. My hope is to never turn the conversation on to myself and seem self-absorbed. My intention is always to make you smile.

Do any of you battle with shortcomings like this? Do you desire to be really good at something that is good, but you're just really bad at it?  Have you given up on your attempts after a season of them not working?

God gives all of us gifts. Compassion is so beautiful. I'm full of it, but I'm not good at delivering it. This makes my face sad.

Uh, but don't try to make me feel better in the comments if you're terrible at it like me. Duh, that won't help. You're a terrible person, remember? 




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