Marathon Prep and things that you can read or not. Your choice.

4/19/2015: 20th Anniversary of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in OKC, OK.

4/26/2015: Run to Remember in honor of the 20th Anniversary.

The first Run to Remember was in 2001 with just under 5,000 participants. Today it has grown to over 25,000 runners/walkers.

This will be my first entry. I am running the half. As I write this I am overcome with emotion. I received my confirmation email just moments ago with my bib number. I can't believe it. I'm in a marathon known around the world. A very public stage where I get to participate in a very personal experience. Giving my all to do what I love, for no one but myself. An opportunity to push through my own pain and doubt in an attempt to reach a finish line that, at this time, seems so very far away. I am scared and nervous. No doubt these are the same emotions that run through each person upon facing adversity, tragedy, and eventually the hope for a future from behind its shadows. We face giants every day. The state and nation faced a giant on 4/19/1995, and since we have all risen out of that rubble and created a new dawn.

Don't wish me the best of luck, I already have that on my side. Instead use your positive thinking ability to search yourself for ways you can advance in life by facing your 'giant'. No matter your situation, no matter how dark, there is a finish line. And likely you will have a big crowd to cheer you along the way.

Marathon Prep
The food part 

I have read about marathon training and prep for a few years. I have not necessarily stuck to the plan. I'm running a half, and while that is not a simple task, it's also not a full marathon. That puts you body in an entirely different category for preparation. I also am not running for time, just completion. I won't be as depleted as some by the end because I won't push nearly as hard as I could. Having said that, I do know that I have to be fueled well ahead of time, and that's what I'm doing! 

Boiled eggs, chicken, and tons of water this week. 

My favorite daily snack, as well as what will probably be my pre-marathon breakfast: Honey peanut butter and rice cakes! 

I did all I could. I tried to save as much PB as possible. At some point you have to admit you can't do anymore and walk away. Time for a new jar.

It seems my wireless mouse likes the same kind of PB as I do. 

(I promised him that I didn't lick the PB off the mouse this time. I get those looks when I eat bread that I dropped on the restaurant table, or lick the inside of the lid on things. Or when I eat bacon that I find in the seat of my truck...)

Unless it's a half marathon. Then you can go halfway.
Administrative Professionals Day!
(Also Earth Day)

It's Admin Pro day, so go say thank you to your nearest receptionist, accounting clerk, office staff member or (ahem) Office Manager. We know how much you appreciate us. We know that you understand how hard we work. We know that you are truly sorry for making us want to push people into traffic. (not!) At least we get one day on the calendar when we are allowed to gloat about our awesomeness. 

DON'T FORGET ABOUT US. We may just forget about you on payroll day...

I always, always try to get something really cute, useful, and fun for my girls. Here is this year's loot:

 Cute little baskets in different prints from Hobby Lobby. I was able to find binder clips in matching or complimentary prints also.

A 'One-line-a-day" 5 year journal so they can write how amazing I am every day of the year. Some local jam from the famous Peanut Shoppe. A sweet smelling foam soap from Bath and Body Works; who doesn't love that place?!

Oh, and cute little post-its in the shape of word bubbles. That makes it an actual work gift, right??

Enjoy ladies!! Thank you sooooo much!

I didn't do anything for Earth day this year. I'm just hoping the hail coming this afternoon doesn't pummel my garden into the Earth.


No blog post would be complete without a few random memes to make you giggle or nod in total agreement.

True yesterday, today, and forever.

I want that too...and Fritos, and pizza, and iced coffee, and tacos, and fried pickles, and dark chocolate, and tacos, and cheese, and chocolate cake, and tacos.

I know someone that would agree with this. 

Get out there sunshine, go into the world. Do not be afraid. You are wonderful, I just know it.


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