Project Garlic Lamp

Ok, so project Homemade Hairgel is going well so I have decided to take on a few small side projects. Just something little that I can do in a day or two.

1st on the list: redo Garlic Lamp.

Garlic Lamp belonged to my beloved grandparents in Indiana. It was the most stand-out item in their unused formal living room. That was the room that I spent most of my time in, and therefore found my most favorite things in. Garlic Lamp sat atop a handmade marble side table in front of heavy cream drapes. Everyone else disliked it because of its over-the-top size and outdated design. I don't know if it was because of the shape, size, or fact that it looked like garlic (my fave flavor), but I loved it! I wanted to take it home everytime we went to visit.

When my grandfather passed away last year, 15 years after grandmother, my uncle made sure to put my name on Garlic Lamp; not because it may have gone to someone else, but to save it from the trash. I went to Indiana for the funeral, and afterwards, before heading back home, I stopped by the house and happily carted Garlic Lamp to my car. As I secured it in the back seat I noticed my fellow family members gawking at me. They just don't understand. But then, neither do I!

So now we must refinish it, because it really doesn't appeal to me. I have realized that I love it for the size and shape, but definitely not the color.

It has a large cream shade which I do NOT want to paint. Maybe just replace the trim ribbon.


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