Getting back to life

Oh wonderful world. There you are! I have been looking for you, and you were waiting outside for me all along.

Hubs and I are making an effort to get out and really live life more these days. God gave us this amazing planet to interact with. Unfortunately, most people only see it from behind a tv screen. Well friends, not us; not anymore.

Inspired by fellow blogger aurajoon, I discussed the subject of adventure with hubs. We drove to a small lake near our previous rent house. I say lake only because that is what it says on the map. I considered it a pond. We sat on a bench, hand in hand, munching pickles and talking about life. I was flying out of state the next day and suddenly needed him to promise that when I got back we wouldn't waste anymore time.

So fast forward a few weeks, and here we are on Official Life Trip #1. Not my favorite lake, but it was quiet. I didn't swim that day. I don't really like the water there. But hubs is a fearless man, so I got to photograph him being great at being the hubs.

I enjoyed the lack of boat traffic, that allowed me to sit on the rocks just inside the waters edge and feel like I was floating.

Aside from the family that showed up with butt cracks exposed, it was an evening of beautiful scenery.

Hubs enjoyed my 'dinner' of tuna sandwiches and chips. Very healthy (not)! But it was yummy and worked well for the location.

I really like picnic dinners. They encompass all the ideas I have of summer.

Thanks for the great evening world! We had a great time.


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