Birthday Cake, Ole!

This weekend was my brother-in-laws birthday. His wife wanted to make a special cake for him, so she employed my fondant "skills" that she thought I had. I'm not a total novice, but not a professional by any means. But, here it is, birthday cake ole!

We started with the fondant for the maracas that would adorn the cake. Here Jen is making red and green fondant.

Cha cha cha!

A few of the finished maracas.
Yum yum. Rice Krispies inside, sugar fondant outside.

I made a mexican blanket and sombrero for the top of the cake.

The next morning we did fondant over the entire cake and water colored it a light tan/yellow for that aged look. We then began adding the decorations.

Happy 30th Birthday Jeremy!

He loved the cake and was honored that we spent so much time on it. We're no cake bosses, but we did a pretty good job. Thanks Jen for letting me be a part of it all! I had a great time.


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