On a Wednesday...

I seem to get so much more done at work on the days I am alone in the office. I still piddle around on the internet googling for information and ideas. But I am more efficient also. I don't know why this is. You would think when the 'boss' is around I would keep my nose down and work work work. However, in my situation, my 'boss' has been my friend for many years, and at one point I trained her to take my position when I was promoted at another office that we had together. So we don't really work like normal people, we just get along and get it done.

The last two days I have been solo at work. I have gotten all of my paperwork caught up, everything entered, posted, stamped, filed, etc... I have paid bills (both work related and personal), googled how to increase my attraction to my husband, shopped online for cameras, read my favorite blogs, came up with 7 craft ideas, read the history of Taos, NM, re-read the course catalogs for 2 nearby colleges (only to re-decide to not go for yet another semester), updated my facebook, ordered tanning lotion, made an appointment with a cardiologist, sent numerous emails to random long lost friends, and made a ransom note for a friends mechanical pencil that I am holding hostage. These things among many others are all things that have improved me or opened my mind to other ideas.

The odd thing is that much of the work I caught myself up on was all the easy stuff that I let slide by me for a couple of days. Why do I push the easy stuff aside, only to let it build up and become not so easy? Sigh.

I forgot my camera today, so not many new pictures to post. I do have one though. An update on going green: hair edition.

This is after an ACV only rinse, and a dab of homemade gel before bed last night. After I woke up I worked it a little to soften the crunch. By 3pm it looked this good! Hooray!

Well friend, that is it for now. I will post more tomorrow. I have food pictures to show you! Yum yum.


  1. I have have weird wednesdays, also- AMAZING CURLS.

  2. Wednesdays are just that way huh?

    Also, thanks for the compliment! I always love hair compliments.

    Keep reading.

    ~with thought and love~


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