Dinner time!

I would love to say that the hubs and I are healthy eaters. We are, sometimes. But there are those days where we scarf cheeseburgers and chili-cheese fries. Also, I encounter days that I hassle the hubs for making poor choices, then find myself making even worse ones! Ack!

The hubs usually agrees to anything I cook, even if it has tofu in it. So in an attempt to get healthier more often, I took a chance on 'Vegitarian, Sun-dried tomato stuffed pizza' one night. Here it is.
Tofu and spinach
I suggest using fresh spinach. The recipe called for thawed, dried frozen spinach. I don't like frozen spinach, and I do usually stray from recipes, but with a vegetarian tofu dish, I really wanted to try it verbatim first. It was beautiful in the bowl though.

As for sun-dried tomatoes, I was advised not to use the kind in oil. The grocery store had air tight packs, so that is what I got. I thought about soaking them but they weren't that hard. In retrospect, I probably should have; after baking them they were a bit tough.
Yum, garlic! It didn't call for it, but I couldn't eat a meal without garlic.

Canned pizza dough is not easy to stretch and roll. I will be making my own next time. Plus, my sister-in-law doesn't have alot of counter space for dough-stretching.

Looking good! C'mon, bake, bake, bake!


A bit crooked, but golden and piping hot. It baked alot faster than the recipe said, so it's a good thing I can't walk away from food in an oven. I have an attraction to watching food change during the baking process. I used to sit on the floor in front of my mom's oven and watch pies brown, cookies flatten, cakes rise, and casseroles bubble. Thank goodness ovens don't emit radiation.


Check out that dinner! It was good. Not the best thing I've made. But, maybe with a bit more garlic, some fresh spinach, and more cheese-it could be a winner.

Bon appetit!

~with thought and love~


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