Official Life Trip #2

Hitting the road is so much fun. We went on our 2nd official life trip. This time it was the trout stream that runs near the dam a few miles away. The water is so clear that you can see the fish 20 feet away, just idling in the middle. It is ice cold though, so swimming can only be done in the hottest part of the hottest days.

I went wandering through the woods looking for things to photograph. I am still working with a simple point-&-shoot digital camera, but I like learning how to manipulate the focus on it.

Nature gives us wonderful things to look at. It's pure magic what has been created all around us. Get out there and explore!

here comes the fog!

As the sun lowered it created fog over the cold river. It was a bit creepy, but beautiful. The fog would waft slowly toward us, and as we navigated the slippery rocks to get closer, it ran fog would do.


go get it hubs!

...and there it goes

Life under water. Much more peaceful than that above the surface. But we have love up here.

thank you wonderful trout stream for lending your shores to us for a few hours

~with thought and love~


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