What is "settled"?

My husband and I are facing 'homelessness' by the end of the month. We have chosen to terminate our lease as our roommate moved out and the home (and rent) are above our level of necessity. We now face the decision of  whether we want to find a smaller, cheaper rental, or store our belongings and couch surf for a while.

We choose: couch surf.

This is by far the smartest choice for us. We have no children, just 2 dogs. And they are house broken and crate trained. We have plenty of family with room to spare, so we aren't exactly out on the street.

I was asked if I would feel unsettled living this way. What really is settled? I think it is just something people say to make themselves feel better, or to wear someone down with a different idea of what is okay in life. Case in point: my in-laws. They can't stand that the hubs and I haven't bought a home yet. They tell us all the time that we need to 'settle down' and buy a home. Why? So I can have a mortgage that I can't afford, and a 2nd mortgage that my grandkids will still be paying on? :)

I'm fine with roaming. The hubs and I both have very good jobs at which we make very good money. And by not having rent to pay, we will be able to put even more money in savings. Money that will help up afford a nice home someday without financing our entire life away.

If you don't have to have a home and an acre, why do people try to make you feel like less of a person for not having it? And further more, for not wanting it?

I don't know who's dream it was to be a homeowner, but it's not this Americans dream.

I'm settled. Right here at my desk, writing in my blog.


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