My brain today

Things for you to consider:

When you call a business, the person who answers the phone probably can't help you with your problem. Most likely it is a receptionist, or someone like me who comes in early and has to answer the phone until the receptionist gets in.

Don't schmooze me on the phone. Don't ask how my day is going. Don't thank me when I reciprocate your stupid "how are you" question. I don't care how you are, and I don't want you to thank me for asking; I'm busy.

Just get on with your inquiry, request, or name of person you need. I don't want to know your story. I don't want to hear your complaint.

Don't be talking to someone else when I answer the phone. I don't want to have to repeat myself, nor do I want to talk over you so you remember you dialed the phone.

Know who you're calling for. If you can't remember what you needed, I surely won't know what it is you forgot.


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