Customer Service Reps

Why do they frustrate me so? I know they are there to help. Even if they speak English, they still make my blood boil. I called my bank today and the rep was very nice. Maybe that was it, she was too nice. But she kept pausing and I didn't know what to say. I needed help with freezing my account because my card is missing. I don't know what they need from me or what to do, so I am nice and try to let her talk but she wasn't saying anything! I got so frazzled! I told her my card was missing and she just said "OK". OK what?! Tell me what to do! That is your job!! I hate when people call my office and tell me who they need, what department they work in, what they do for a living, what they need to talk to the person about... and so on. This is my job, let me do it. Just give me a name and let me work. So, it return, I am passive when I call customer service or any business. Why, oh why, can't other people lead me through the steps? That's what they get paid to do!
Phone rings, and there was yet another know-it-all on the line. Sigh.


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