Going Green: Hair products (part 2)

Batch 1
 The first batch of homemade hair gel. This one was a bit more 'set' than  I had hoped for, but as you saw in the previous post, it did it's job.

I had to smush it in order to get it in my hair. It came out of the bowl in big blobs. Big, very cold blobs. After letting it sit out on the counter it became more jelly-like and easier to handle.

The second batch was more like hair gel. It did set up nicely, and because I let it sit out on the counter for most of the night, it was clearer. I added vanilla extract to this batch instead of lavendar essential oil hence the tan shade. It worked very well, but was still a little chunky, which made it difficult to get in the hair. Alot of the gel rolled off of my hair and ended up in the sink!

The third batch came out similar to the second, but I poured it into a large measuring cup to set up. The next morning I let it warm up on the counter, then whisked it. I was able to almost pour it on my hair which was much easier.

Now I just need a good bottle for it, and hopefully I can squeeze it like regular gel.


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