The master of (ruining) surprise

Again I have stuck my foot in my mouth. I always ask too many questions, assume too early, and unfortunately, am too right too often.

The hubs wanted to surprise me for my birthday by installing a new radio and speakers in my car. Early yesterday I spotted 2 audio  connectors on the kitchen counter, and began to suspect. Then early yesterday afternoon, hubs woke up from a nap and realized he had been sleeping on his keys in his pocket. However, I had his keys as I had driven his car to the store earlier that morning. I began to formulate an idea. Later yesterday evening I awoke from my nap to find he was not in the house, nor was my car in the garage. And I have figured it out.

I should've simply mentioned that I was hungry when I called him, but I had to , absolutely HAD TO, ask if he was doing what I thought he was doing. Because I must know if I'm right, always.

I was right, and he was hurt. Because again, it was supposed to be a surprise, and again, I ruined it. Like I always do.

Why do I have to notice everything and always question?!


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