Why God loves me

Why does He love me? I'll tell you why. Because I love Him. Because I love my husband, my friends, my family, my dogs and I always forget to love myself. Because I work, because I complain about work. Because I'm broke, but I give anyway. I complain about being broke, but never complain about giving. Because I try really hard, and fail...alot! Because I thank Him when things are good, and I also forget to thank Him when things are good. Because I turn to Him in times of trouble or pain, and forget to thank Him in times of trouble or pain. Because I do thank Him in times of trouble or pain. Because I sing loud at church, I cry at church, I skip church, I sleep in church, I need church, I take friends and family to church. Because I don't get involved enough at church, although I wish I did. Because I'm crazy, I'm lazy, I'm happy and sad, mad, angry, confused, and vengeful...all at once. I hate myself, I hate you, I hate my job, I hate my world. I accept my life, I try to change my life, I love my life, I love you, my job, and the world; but I still forget to love myself. Because I'm Christian, or Pentecostal or Methodist or Episcopal or Catholic or Baptist or Jewish or Mormon or witness or atheist or anything else that I could be simply by existing. Because by existing, I am His child. He loves me because I'm right and I'm wrong, I say the wrong thing and don't apologize. Because I watch shows I shouldn't, listen to music that is a bad influence, laugh at dirty jokes, gossip, lie, cheat and steal. Although, I only cheat at pictionary. He loves me because I'm a hypocrite. And so are you. A friend once told me that he imagined God sitting on the edge of His throne wearing a jersey that had the number 1 and my name on it. He sits waiting, holding His breath, hands balled up, waiting, waiting, waiting...for me to talk to Him. And as I begin to open my mouth, He silences all the angels. Then, as I have millions of times, I simply say, "Lord, it's me...". And all of heaven erupts with excitement! Isn't that an amazing thought?! And because I believe this, God loves me. He is waiting....why are you?


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