Goodness gracious

I recently received an email about love and good deeds. Mother Teresa, know as the Saint of the Little Things, is most recognized for extending a helping hand and a big heart to everyone. She believed that by making small gestures of kindness to everyone we encounter, we can change the world. I believe that when we read good news, we act better. We want to be part of the love and joy of life, so we help out, smile, say excuse me, etc... Our news, radio, and print is full of the negativity in society everyday. I myself have felt the loss of hope when surrounded by bad news. But, when I read a heartwarming account of friendship, love, and selflessness, I notice that I pay it forward more. So, with that, I have decided to start my own "blog-um" about the good things others have done for me. I will not be writing about what I do for others, because a thankless good deed is void, in a sense, if you tell someone. But, I may change my mind about that later; I have a hunch that if people read what I do for others, it may inspire them to do the same. Simple gestures, greater lives! ~My most recent account of wonderful right-ness. I stopped by a Subway for lunch a few weeks ago. It is located inside of a convenience store where a friend of mine works. While paying for my sandwich, I was chatting up my friend and responding to a text from my husband. I was a bit distracted you can imagine. Well, I guess I left my phone lying on the counter by the register. I chatted a bit longer, and then headed back to work. A few block away I realized I had forgotten the phone, but figured I would call my friend at the store when I got to the office. However, by the time I called her, the phone was gone. I was heartbroken. I had pictures of my nieces, dogs, friends, and, the last pictures taken of my grandfather before his death just 2 weeks prior. I immediately suspended my service and requested an insurance claim for replacement. Later that evening while doing homework at my in-laws, my husband walked in, holding my phone. I was speechless. My dad had called him about an hour before saying that he had gotten a call from the evening clerk of the store. A young woman had brought my phone in saying she found it by the dumpster. It rang numerous times from my father calling, not knowing I didn't have it. So the clerk called the number back. Dad called husband, husband went to store, phone went home. The thing is, the clerk said she was possibly 17 at most, and got out of a car that an adult was driving, came in the store to turn in the phone, and left. She did not buy anything or even browse. I really think that she swiped it, and it was discovered at home. It's not bad parenting that caused this to happen, simply poor judgement and pressure to fit in. It was great parenting that caused the result. Because someone decided to do what was right, I now have my property back. The best part about it is that God used me to work in someones life. That girl just may see the good in doing the right thing, and I got to help. So there it is, the thankless deed done to me. What has happened to you?


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