Oklahoma Access...to everything you want!!

Are you familiar with Oklahoma Access a.k.a Snap a.k.a food stamps? It's a nice little credit card issued by the state with a pre-determined amount of money each month to be used for buying groceries. Sounds good. When I was very young, my parents were on food stamps for a very short time after my dad broke both arms in a construction accident. We had a booklet with colored monopoly-like tickets in it, and used them to purchase food. It was good while we had it. It served its purpose. We always had milk, corn flakes, butter, cheese and some fruit. Basically like getting government commodities. My mom continued to work, and my dad returned to work asap. That's when they took away our food stamps. Now, the card is a much better way to use food stamps. It can be less embarrassing and easier to keep track of. However, what isn't better is the type of food that can be purchased with it. You can buy anything but food off the hot bar, alcohol, and cigs. If the state is trying to help people get back on their feet, shouldn't they at least be requiring them to eat healthy food? The children of these people are eating frozen burritos, funyons, cookies, pop etc. My personal problem is that I work full time, and find myself rubbing 2 pennies together just to afford milk, bread, cheese, cereal, and apples. But behind me in line is some broad with 3 kids and 2 carts full of crap! Lucky Charms, Capt Crunch, chocolate milk, gogurt, Doritos, Pepsi, frozen pizzas blah blah blah. And then she pulls her Access card out of her Coach purse as if she has earned that money. Go ahead, load that crappy food into your new car and stuff it down the hatch of your 2 year old. That's great, breed some more just like you. It's my tax dollars that fund your little grocery trip, but I can't afford groceries, and I make too much to get food stamps. Maybe I should quit my job, pop out a few babies, and live off the system. And to top it all off, if they want alcohol or tobacco, they just use the EBT cash off the card to purchase it. Go Oklahoma!


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