I was thinking

Driving across town the other day, making out blue sky through thick clouds, I began thinking about my financial situation. And yes, I realize that staring out my sunroof while operating a vehicle IS the safest way to drive. The fact is, I don't live paycheck to paycheck. I live paycheck to 4 days till the next paycheck. I always pull out my pocket calendar, and this is the conversation I have with myself: "Ok, I get paid on tuesday, and the electric, gas, and phone are due. If i put half my check in the joint account to cover the bills, then put the other half in our other account, we'll have money for gas after the joint account overdraws. Then, next week, I'll get paid again and my husband will get paid and we can pay rent and the water bill, and cover the overdraft fees (there should only be 3 or 4). Then take half of whats left to put towards my tuition and the car insurance. So, we should have about $40 left after all that to buy gas for his car, and maybe $20 in groceries. Whoopee, we get bread this week! So then the next week I get paid, and then the NEXT week I get paid and he gets paid. Thats the week we have money. We can put $50 in savings, fill up the cars, and buy meat and vegetables. Then the week after we have to pay the utilities again..." "...and THEN, it'll be December, so we'll get a fifth paycheck. So then by the 3rd week of February we should have enough to save up so we can go to dinner for our anniversay at the end of March. Sweet." Why does this happen? Why is this the norm for most people? We always keep our hopes set out weeks away, but every month it's the same song and dance. I'm guessing that 90-95% of the world's population does NOT do what they have a passion for. So if we aren't living our dream, shouldn't we at least have some ease in our finances and enjoy what we do while we have to do it. And on another note, what is up with celebrities making, what, like 30 million a year and only giving $100,000 to their "favorite" charity? Can't the government (hahaha) do something about the outrageous wages these people make? I realize that being in the public eye would require you to have enough money to escape, but, do they really need $500 jeans, $1000 shoes, and $12,000 handbags to feel secluded? C'mon Govenor Schwarzenegger, you're state is broke, but home to the richest of the rich.... hello?


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