Khaki Thursday and updates

What's up blogosphere?

Today is khaki Thursday and I'm wearing my most responsible pair of khakis. I have to do a few interviews this afternoon to fill an open position in my office. I can't have them thinking I prefer to be barefoot in running tights! I have to look like a boring, conservative boss-lady. #bosslady

Monday began the weightloss challenge that The Dude is participating in at his office. We're winging it this week with recipes from Prevention Magazines 28 day challenge. I plan to do full meal-prep this weekend. I'm excited about this. I hate feeling rushed to come up with dinner during the week, since we both have busy schedules. I don't always know if he'll make it by for dinner and I feel awful if he shows up and I didn't cook. Meal-prep to the rescue!!

YTT has taken full control of my schedule, and I couldn't be happier. I have to plan my 2 community classes soon, and am working on my 1 hour children's yoga lesson plan, trying to squeeze in practice with friends and family, AND working toward some big opportunities for public classes soon! Yeeks! #yogaeverydamnday #heavilymeditated

...oh, and I lerrrrve pranayama. If you aren't practicing breathing exercises, ask me about them. You need them in your life.

Co-garden has returned for year 3! Tilled, and ready. I had an emergency planting session after work on Tuesday because a few cucumbers, the kale, and the zucchini were looking sad. Hoes crossed that it will be a bountiful season!

OKC Memorial Run to Remember is just 3.5 weeks away! I've switched to the 1/2 if you didn't know. I had finally come to terms with it, and felt happy about my choice. ...until this morning. I looked at my bib hanger that M made me last year and thought 'Oh, I was going to finally get that 26.2 spot filled....dang'. So, I'm a little sad today. Meh. I'll survive. #runnerprobs

Have a great day!


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