Review post: Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and tea

Coffee. You know I love you, but you hurt my bladder.

Introducing Four Sigmatic!!!

I received a box of 10 packets of their coffee with Lion's mane in my winter 2016 Mantra box from YOGABYCANDACE. I'm never afraid to try new (weird) things, especially if they are made from an offbeat natural source.

I am in the bliss.

I love this stuff. Not only does it have some caffeine to pep me up, but it somehow doesn't give me the jitters. You know I got serious jitters from coffee. Body jitters and the heart jitters. (So scary) No worries here.

Prepackaged, ground coffee mix infused with mushrooms. Chaga is a counter to the acidity that causes stomach issues with coffee for some people, and likely my bladder issues. Lion's mane is used in Chinese medicine for it's cognitive boosting power.I'm no doctor, but I can tell you from my experience that this is a great alternative to your regular office coffee. I've purchased 3 boxes (one in the Mantra box) and have ingested all 30 packets. It is well worth the money, which is more than the free coffee at work, but less than any coffee from a coffee shop.

Last week I purchased a box of the Reishi Elixer. This is a night-night tea. It's sweet on it's own, thanks to the added Organic Stevia. It's said to regulate the hormonal system and lower cortisol levels in an attempt to increase deep, slow-wave sleep. This tea puts me to sleep in under 5 minutes. I feel sleepy before I'm done drinking it! Today I woke up feeling like I had been asleep for 100 years. I was refreshed, and crazy ready for my day. 

I don't know what information I'm allowed to share since I'm not affiliated with Four Sigmatic, but I have dropped a link to their website here so that you can read all about it yourself! Give it a try!
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