Blogging is like life, audiobooks, and kiddie-pool thoughts

How long has it been since my blog really made sense? I used to post daily, with regular features, and had some nice points from time to time.

Blogging takes up a lot of time, in case you weren't aware. You have to plan your posts, write down your thoughts, organize the details, type it out, add pictures (because words are NEVER enough), proof-read, agonize over the look/tone/feel of the post. Once you finally publish it, you have to resist the urge to check 152 times a day to see how many views you have. Then you have views, but no comments. You find yourself thinking "Who is reading my blog in Russia? Why did 8 people read it and have no comment? Mom, did you check my blog from both phones, the tablet, the laptop, and call Cousin Pam so she could 'view' it too? You're not helping. ....check back tomorrow though".

Blogging took up so much of my time, but I loved it. Then, I fell in love with something else. Someone else. Then I got back into running, another love of mine. After that, I decided to pursue YTT, a long-time love affair with my mat.

I love a lot of things! You all are going to have to find a new blog if I ever have children; I'll likely never come back to the blog then!

So, life is full lately, and blogging just hasn't been at the top of the list. Sure, I lay in bed at night thinking of all the super funny things I could post for you to read. I imagine you stifling belly laughs, and wiping away tears at your desk, hoping your co-workers don't notice. Maybe they'll just think you have bad gas, and you're trying to be polite. However, by the time I get to this page on any given day, I'm so buried in other thoughts, that I'd be more likely to post my 'to-do' list that is on my desk, and hope you don't block me from your reading list to ensure no one ever associates you with my crazy, boring, lame-o blog. Please don't block me.

Since it's Tuesday, and I sometimes have things to talk about, I'm here to just give you a little nibble today. Enjoy.


I've finally started an audiobook. Oh, my reading dilemma. For years we've talked about me wanting to read again, and just not doing it. I rejected audiobooks thus far, save for one special book that I listened to in middle school, in order to get out of reading it for a report: 'A Christmas Carol' read by Patrick Stewart. Yeah, I know, you can't NOT want to listen to that one. After that, I hadn't found myself ever wanting to listen to a book for hours on end. I tried to listen to something, ...gee, I can't recall now, it must have been that boring, while painting my downstairs bathroom. I ended up turning on FRIENDS and ignored my dissolving intellect. At one point I had the Audible app, but never used it. The guy finally got Overdrive, which our library uses, and it convinced me to do the same. This meant I had to renew my library card as well. That went missing years ago.

Oh, I wanted to start with something intellectual, or inspirational. Something that would really impress any passengers I may have. Currently listening to: 'Why Not Me' by Mindy Kaling. Let's be
real, I'm a sucker for humor, and I'm not very serious. Life is too short to fall asleep at the wheel listening to a terribly boring book, just because it is a "classic". Pick what you want, lock the doors, and don't offer rides to people that will judge your literary selections. They have feet, make them walk.

I have a lot of books on hold, so I'll come back and update you on my selections, and maybe do a guest post now and then over at Punch Drunk Thirty. She loves to read. For now, I'll press on through the light reality that is Mindy, and her funny take on the hand she was dealt.

In closing: find something you love, and love it as much as you can love it. Find something you want to love, and squeeze it until you love it and it loves you back. Hold things hostage, because if you let them go, they may not come back; and life is about getting things, keeping them, having more of them than anyone else, and being the winner. Right??



  1. It is so great that you are finally listening to a book! The timing is also interesting because I just wrote a review about Audible on my blog! You know I love audiobooks!

  2. Yes blogging takes a lot of time. Video blogs may shorten the time it takes per post. Have you seen my post on my blog at


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