It's Boston Marathon day!!! (Insom-nazon purchases)

Yes, these two things are related. Really? I promise.

Good luck to all the runners in the 121st Boston Marathon! I, your friendly running curl, am not there today. I did run 12 miles (in my heart) yesterday. My feet only made for 8.7. I was fighting the barfs after Easter lunch. Did you run that far? Ok, so holster your judgement.

OKC Memorial Run to Remember 1/2 is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it? I'm excited/disappointed/nervous/scared/meh about it. It will come, I will run, I will finish, I will eat. Isn't that what happy endings are all about?


I don't know if I'll have all of the purchases here, but I've brought a few for you to look at.

I bought 2 dresses on Amazon recently. One for work, and one for Easter, then work.

I'm in love with the reviews section on Amazon. Women adding pictures of themselves actually wearing the items helps SO much.

Both dresses were under $30 each, fit perfect, and looked great.

 I did it. I jumped on the ProCompression treadmill. They had their 'Buy 2, get 3 free' promo, and I couldn't resist. Do you see my Boston Strong socks? I told you the post was all related. Tee-hee. Those went out with me yesterday for my Easter run.

Their full length socks are normally $50 -$55 each, so paying $20/pair was a a runners mind.

Yes, I still spent $100 on socks, but my legs don't hurt.

I justify most of my expensive purchases by reminding people that I don't get my hair done, nor do I get my nails done. Those are regular, expensive lady costs. This is mine.

My friends opened a sno-cone stand. I'm most excited about the shirts. I've worn this shirt after work every day for the last week.

I love the comfort colors brand.


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