I'm growing tired of my iPod. I have new music on it, but it doesn't motivate me anymore. Maybe it's because I'm 'mill running and don't have to cover up my pounding feet, or maybe it's that I'm beginning to appreciate running organically. Thoughts?  Because of this, I've found something new to occupy my mind while dragging my butt through the miles: Wipeout! Hahaha! Have you ever tried to NOT laugh in a crowded gym? Tough. I'm loving watching this while working out.

Before i went tonight i made sure to stretch extra good, as I've been having some calf tightness. Meatball wanted to stretch with me, as seen here...

He is a much more interesting stretcher than me.

After I stretched, I did another 3.1, my 4th for the week. This time may have been the easiest yet. Thats promising. ORF came with me and signed up at the gym. Now we can continue to encourage each other. Having someone go to the gym with me helps. And knowing she wants to excel as much as I do really helps! Find a friend and push each other. ...but not out into traffic, that's just mean.

I was so awesome, I think I scared my shirt:

After our run we parted ways and I headed home for dinner. Since I am being cabinet cleaner this week, dinner has been fun to come up with. Tonight, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. Winner!

How was your workout?


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