That Dam 5k

I found out yesterday that there is a 5k coming up in my area. The 'That Dam Lake Texoma 5k" is on 11/17. I feel like physically I am prepared for it, but gear-ly I am not. I still haven't bit it and bought new shoes. I won't need special shorts, shirts, socks, belts, sleeves, hats, etc. as a 5k doesn't require much fanciness. I need shoes, but first, I need the funds. Le sigh. This isn't a cry out for money, it's more like a cry out for someone to convince me to spend my money. I haven't spent that much on a pair of shoes in years. I became a frugal fanatic and push all belongings to the limit. Help!

Last night I was back on the 'mill. Not defeated quite as early, but about 1.7 miles in I hit my wall. How silly! I pushed pushed pushed, and made it to 3.1 in just under 39 mins. S       L        O      W.
I need to stop being so hard on myself, but if I'm not, how will I get better?!

When I got home I started dinner. In a pinch I always make stir-fry. Sometimes it's with ham, sometimes with shrimp, and many times just veggies.

My pre-dinner, post-run snack. Celery and crunchy honey roast pb. Not as healthy as almond butter, or some other options, but it's what I had. (not pictured: large glass of Chocolate Silk) I ended up adding some pb to the stir-fry and it was awesome.

Almost done!!

Dinner was yum-o-licious.  Afterwards I relaxed and watched ....something on t.v. I don't remember what now. Must've been super stimulating. I checked in on the election results occasionally, but quickly grew too tired and went to bed.

Happy Wed-a-ness-day all!


  1. fun race! i feel u on the fundage for shoes, why must everything be so expensive! but i hope u pinch those pennies because the right running shoes are important. :)

    yummy dinner, would u like to come cook for me too. :) jk

  2. Just buy the dang shoes and stop being so frugal. The only thing you need for running is shoes, JUST DO IT!


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