How long is a tenth of a mile?!

Tonight I put in another 3.1. Workout description: hard.  As soon as that treadmill reached 4.7 speed I was in trouble. Only 30 seconds in and my knees felt stiff, my shins burned, and my calves felt heavy. I was already defeated. But then i remembered runner friends like HRG that hasn't run because of injury. Or the people on the east coast that can't think of anything but survival; for them giving up because of physical exhaustion is not an option. My weakness is nothing, and i can overcome it. I finished, just shy of 38 minutes. Slow but complete.

Then it was on to dinner. I was in the mood for something simple. Eggs always win. Tonight, eggs with mushrooms, red onions, garlic, fresh basil, a little cheddar cheese, and yummy avocado.

Time for a shower and off to bed.

What did you do tonight?


  1. I love that you think of the trials of others compared to your own life. We should all think of others as that much.


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