It has been a while!

Sorry blog fans! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted. I don't have the internet at home, and it can be time consuming to blog from my phone.

I'll give you a quick no-frills update.

I ran the Dam 5K on 11/17. I PR'd, which was good! Knocked 2 minutes off my last time.

I finally got new shoes. They aren't the best, but they have tread and are actually made for running. And they fit. So I'm doing better there.

My POTM goal will probably not be met this month, but I have already beat last months miles.

I had Thanksgiving with my sister, her boyfriend, ORF, her fiance, and their super, super cute baby girl. Worked on Friday, had a wedding to go to on Saturday, went to the ER saturday night (more on that later, nothing serious), and church Sunday!

Whew! Weekend over!

I promise to get back and get you some pics of all that has gone on.

Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and BOOMER SOONER!


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