Things I'm wondering about today

How can I talk to my friends and family about their outright sin? I want to lead them to God, but they automatically treat me as if I think I'm better than them. I AM A SINNER. I can admit to what I have done. I was in a bad way many times. But I have been led to Christ and am trying my best to stay on the right path. I wish I could talk to them without them getting defensive.

Why would someone who is not married call their boyfriend "hubby"? Age probably. Someone who is only 19 doesn't know any better. I know that young adults can feel love, but they don't understand the sacrifices that come with real love. I mean marital love. Alot of adults don't even understand that.

What kind of guy calls his friends 'besties'? That's just strange.

I'm very funny when I talk in person. I am eloquent, my thoughts flow, and they are good! But on here, where I can be myself without fear of getting odd looks, I am not so swift. I try to tell my stories and thoughts in text the same as I do in person, but they never come out as good. Why is that? I always have fantastic ideas for conversations on here, then I have them with someone, they go over famously, but never transfer to my blog well. Hmm...


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