Phone upgrade

I'm eligible for an upgrade again this October. I could upgrade to the newest iPhone this month when it comes out though. But do I really want to do that?

To me, a phone is only useful for texting, and the occasional phone call with whomever it is that doesn't text. I don't use it for the internet; I don't even have the internet at home! I do what I need on my work computer during breaks, at lunch, after I clock out...and sometimes in between.

I don't need to check my facebook 1736 times per day. I don't need updates to my 'friends' status. I don't tweet either. I don't want the entire world to know what I'm doing at any given moment. Besides, I don't think they want to know anyway.

I don't need turn-by-turn directions on my phone, I need to be watching the road. Especially if I'm lost!

I don't need music on my phone, I have a radio. And and iPod for that matter.

I don't need a camera for pictures, I own a real camera. And I never look at or develop the pictures on that one, so why do I need another one? I don't need to make videos of anything, who would I share them with?

I don't need to search for things to buy at stores that aren't in my town. Plus, could I really afford to shop if I just spent $$ on an iPhone?

It just seems to be a waste for a person like me. I want to text, and be able to call for help if needed. I get that it is "useful" for many people. I don't think it is that useful for your averge joe though. I feel it is more of a status symbol. It was the newest, coolest, most expensive toy out there. One person gets one, and everyone else feels inferior until they have one. We feel we need one in order to be equal. But then, we're just become a big group of people with the same complaints about our phones!

I want to get one, because it is the next step in phone technology for me, however, it's not a step forward for me. I don't need it. However, I also don't need the weird look I get from people when they see I don't have an iPhone. It's the same look I get when they find out I don't have internet. Or that I didn't have a facebook until a few months ago.

Does that make me crazy?


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