The crud!

I'm still alive after my 1st week of Muay Thai. I did take last night off though, I have come down with the crud. Thankfully I have many bottles of Ampicilian(ambidrin) from our neighbors to the south. I love cheap antibiotics.

Another day here at the office, and we're off to the weekend. Class tomorrow, church on Sunday, and plenty of laundry and lazin' in between.

In the news: I don't believe that a set of parents would let their son AND then their daughter try to sail around the world solo. That's just crazy to me! Good for those kids having a solid hobby, and the confidence to go for it. But my mom and dad wouldn't let me drive to town alone until I was 18.

Van der Sloot is going down! Finally! I do agree that the FBI may have funded his trip to Peru which ended in the slaying of that young woman. That will be difficult for them to deal with mentally. But at least they now have him!

Sigh, what now?


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