Hello there! I got my google photos to sync again! It's been over a month since I was last here with you, and longer than that since I had functioning sync. It's a bit sad how reliant we are on technology.

Let's get it out of the way: I'm sorry.

Ok, now, that we are super friends again, I want to get you up to speed. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for EVERY exciting moment of the past 4-6 weeks, but I do have a lot.

Let's see what I've been up to!

I'm sticking by my belief that this is a positive thought. It really could turn the other way quickly.


In November our Leadership group toured 5 of the largest employers in our area, aside from the hospital. My favorite was Cardinal Glass. I faced my fear and walked along side a 1/4 mile length piece of continually moving glass.

It starts as sand, then in 3000 degree temps becomes a blob that eventually becomes the most terrifying, scary, bad, bad thing: Glass.

I went hunting early one Saturday. Rain, wind, 34 degrees. All smiles! Note, don't go hunting in glasses; it's difficult to see through the binoculars.

You wouldn't know it from our 68+ temps over the past few days, but, we did get our first frost already. This was a few weeks back.

 I tore the remains of Co-garden out of the ground. After the sun pattern changed and the frost came, all hope was lost. The yard has become a yard again, and the cages are headed to storage.

Fear not. Plans are already in the works for CG2K16. We will replant. We will reproduce. We will grow again!
A most excellent friend shared a beautiful piece of cake with us one evening. Cake AND flowers? I may be tough now and then, but this girl is a girl to the core. Yes, please!

There was a wedding where he looked dangerous...

 And a Christmas party where I looked weird...

And a church service where they just melted my heart....

 And a photobooth fail by the Prell and I...

And a random stranger mistook the dude for this guy. I think it's pretty spot-on.


Running? What is this activity you speak of? Well.....see, what had happened was.....

Yeah, yeah. My friend Pam just finished her 365 days of running, and as much of an inspiration as she is, I just haven't gotten back to it. I've visited the gym a few times, kept up my walking, and have jogged a few blocks.

OKC Run to Remember is only 131 days away. If I'm going to survive the full marathon, or crush it in the half, I MUST get moving.

Any words of encouragement?


  1. That is a photo booth fail! I must not be girl enough to think flowers on cake is a good idea...


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