Sweating and maybe moving!

Sunday my favorite BIL was in town! I found out he is a runner!!! Isn't that exciting? Someone else in the family as crazy concerned about fitness as me. We went for a quick run around my 3.6 loop. Here are my stats:

Distance: 3.10miles
Time: 34:12
Splits: 11:13, 11:03, 10:56 (negative splits!!!! YAY!!!!!)
Average pace:11:01

I'm pretty pleased with that. BIL said he started running with a program from his gym, similar to c25k. I asked if he wanted to run that morning, and he said
'sure, but I run pretty far. I don't want to leave you behind'
 I told him I run around 3 miles per day; he was floored. I guess 'pretty far' to him is less than 3 miles. Anyway, we went out that morning, he ran the full distance with me. I thought he would stick to his running plan. Oh! btw, he wears department store Nike's and doesn't stretch..... ? Well, we got done, and I thanked him for running with me and helping me push to get negative splits. That of course went right over his head. Sometimes I feel so cool when I get to use my runner lingo around people and they don't know what I'm saying. I know, I'm lame. My story, yes.... He said
'I usually run faster than that, but you did very good. You are still in pretty good shape"

..... Wha?? I told him if he usually runs faster than that, then he should have. Mm-hmm. :)

I didn't run Monday because I was at home packing. I may be moving!! I know. You're saying, "Leah, why are you packing if you MAY be moving?" You know home buying, nothing is for sure until you have the keys. I am supposed to be closing Thursday, or Friday, or 2 weeks from now, or someday. So, I'm packing.

Tuesday brought on a run after a church meeting. Runner friend and I hit the path around 8:30pm to beat the heat sweat to death in the humidity.  I was so flippin' slimey!!!! I took my shirt off before I got in my car because I couldn't stand to get in there that wet. It was gross!!!!

My super sweaty arm. (this photog style courtesy of RER)
There was also a horsefly in my car. That was fun.

Stats from Tuesdays run:

Distance: 3.10
Time: 34:46 (slower)
Splits: 10:48, 10:48, 12:01 (wow)
Average pace: 11:12

To be fair to me, this was a bit different of a course. Instead of my normal 2 hills, this had 3. One was very loooooooonnggggg, and another was very steep, and at the end! So there. I ran. Hmmph.

I planned to get up early and run today. Since I typed the word 'planned' you know I didn't do it. Tonight, I am supposed to pack again...so maybe I'll try in the a.m. tomorrow.


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