Running, racing, and relaxing.

So I took a break from blogging. Not because blogging was taking over my life, but because I was starting to go blank trying to decide what you would want to know about. As it turns out, you want to know about everything! That's great b/c I like to talk.

I signed up for another 5k, but it was postponed due to rain, so I went for a run that day near home. I have downloaded the Nike+running app and used it for my run. I love this thing. I don't own a GPS watch so this is perfect. It keeps track of my splits, tells me my pace at each mile, I can use my Pandora with it, and you can send me cheers and applause through Facebook if I sync my run!

I ran with runner friend, and that was good because I probably wouldn't' have kept going alone. I always say that, and never stop, but one day.....! She helped me push my pace, but at 3.01 my throat closed off and I had to walk the remaining .09. It was super humid that day.

Distance: 3.01
Time: 34:08
Splits: 11:02, 11:04, 10:50 (one neg split, and in the 10s, nice)
Avg Pace: 11:20

Oh, and I lost my headband. Sad face.

Monday I went for another run, this time solo. My feet felt like cement blocks. My legs felt like tree stumps. It was awful. I wanted to stop the entire time.
My thoughts:
 "Just make it up the hill and you'll feel better when it's flat. Nope, you don't feel better. Make it up this hill and you can turn and just go home. Crap, the people in the laudromat will see you head home and think you're a chicken, keep going. I am NOT going down that hill because I won't make it back up. If you walk now, you won't run anymore. Now that the people outside saw you run by, you have to keep running so you're running when you come back. Crap! You just hit 3 miles! Get on it and finish strong! Ok, just finish without dying."

Distance: 3.10
Time: 34:29
Splits: 10:30, 11:21, 11:30 (positive splits, ew)
Avg Pace: 11:06

I didn't find my headband.

I haven't run since Monday, but I plan to this week sometime. I hope to break into the 10m/m for all splits soon.

Recovery: Ice bath!


  1. Congrats on getting faster! You are an inspiration. Just keep running. Just keep running. Just keep running running. (Hope you heard Dori sing that to you)


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