Catching some rays, and no fish.

It has rained (read: end of times type storms) since the 19th of May, we headed outside this week whenever the clouds broke. Here is what we did:

We took pictures of the elusive blue sky.

We mowed grass that was way too tall.
 (life-sized dinosaur grass)

We went fishing on Lake Texoma. The sun was out, the fish were not. Good thing we don't have to catch our meals, or we would starve.

Love those Oklahoma sunsets

I had a pretty good view from my chair. Ah, the lake life.
 Another storm rolled in on my way to work...

 We went to Medieval Times for a birthday party
 The sword fighting was more real that I expected.
 Down, down, down. Red knight goin' down...
 My beautiful niece with our brave Red and Yellow Knight afterwards. She fell totally in love with him...and so did all us grown ladies, heehee. Something about the armor and the grit of it all....

I have had a fun filled couple of weeks. I am now in full packing mode for the move on the 14th. Hopefully I close on time, because I have to be out of the rental by the 16th. Livin' on the edge!!

What do you do at the lake/ocean?

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?


  1. Lake camping in a tent, rustic like. Oh, except for the air mattress, I'm not a barbarian!


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