The wandering mind

I come up with amazing things to say in my blog everyday. I have long conversations with my windshield and word everything perfectly, but those thoughts usually never make it to blogger. This is due to my lack of desire for computing at home. I own a laptop, and we have access to Internet, but I just feel no need to use it. By the time I return to work the next day I have forgotten most of what I wanted to say. However, one idea hasn't slipped from my mind:

Thank you God. Thank you for continuing to bless me everyday. Thank you for always allowing me to be amazed at Your work, even though I know it is going to happen. Because of Your grace, mercy and love, I find extreme joy in the simplest of things. Whatever I ask for is delivered, sometime even before I have asked; but that is because You know my heart. All the things that I need and want, you are able to know the difference between and always provide.


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