Labor Day weekend 2010

labor day weekend '10

The hubs and I went to Elk City Lake with his cousin and family this weekend.
The lake wasn't fantastic, but we had a fantastic time.
Lots of eating, napping, and laughing.
The guys played horseshoes for a while. Neither was very good!

although it wasn't a big lake, it was a great time

 Sunset on Saturday night.
I wish I could've captured the stars with my camera. There isn't much in this world mor beautiful than a clear country night.
Isn't dusk an amazing sight?

And after a windy night, the sun still rises in the east

The hubs wanted to fish. So, we went down to the water's edge to fish. He didn't get any bites...
...not sure if I did either. Mine was on auto-fish.

Instead, I went exploring.

Along the way I found myself. :)

And a few other things too...

red dirt is so cool


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