Marathon training, cold-weather issues, and DOING ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Hey there travelers of the blog-sphere. I've been M.I.A. for about a million minutes. Did you even notice?


Dec 25th may have been Christmas, but on a more serious (and terrifying) note, it marked 18 weeks until the OKC Memorial Marathon. Guess who paid for the full? Guess. Yes, the winner of last year's marathon entered. Yes, the second place person probably did too. Ok, ok, guess which non-winner paid for this year? Right! ME!!! This curl is gonna run (read: bouncing ponytail) 26 point flippin' 2 miles.

I've committed to a 16 week program over 18 weeks to give myself some cushion. I know I can run 3-5 miles with effort, and could probably drag my rear for 6-8 if I was promised a hug at the end. Beyond that, it's a no. So, enter training! Oh, we know how much I love (riiiight....) training plans. I made it through 4 days of the last one; and that was my longest streak. I plan to use the extra 2 weeks somewhere in the middle for repeat weeks when my long runs get into the teens.

Accountability groups, a new Garmin ( #hewenttogarmin), lots of support, and really...not much else to do, means I have no good reason to not keep at it. I SHOULD be focusing on my yoga (more on that later) but this is a big deal for me, so I'm hoping to squeeze the effort out of this avocado pit of a person that I am.

It's officially winter. The weather here wouldn't alert you to that, but it is winter. Although we've been in the 60+ degrees for most of December, we have had a few bitter days. In the single digits, and one day in particular the windchill was in the negatives. That's cold of SEOK. With winter comes winter-time lady probs. The legs. Amiright? I can't get my legs smooth no matter how long I soak in the tub, in boiling water, with oils and magic beans and genies. My core temperature drops with the days of the calendar and my goosebumps take up residence like they have an extended stay option at Burning Man. My legs are not a free space for your BS, goosebumps! Argh. I've reached out to a few fellow runner-bloggers, to see if they have the same issue. Not that runner women have different skin than non-runner women, but if you run (especially in a climate that is humid, regardless of temperature) you tend to have to shower more. More showers mean more goosebumps. More goosebumps mean SAND.PAPER.LEGS.

Do any of my readers have this issue? Can you EVER get smooth legs, on the reg, during the winter, runner or not?

Share your secrets. Quit being better than me, and help out!!!

So many things going on. Work, which no one wants to hear about, yoga, which I am embarrassed to talk about, and plans for spring.

I'm 3 months into my YTT, and have yet to feel like I'm grasping the concepts. I love what I'm learning, and I feel as though I understand it. Taking time to study on my own, practice on my own, and generally OWN it is eluding me. I'm so unfocused! I've spent more time re-watching the Friends
seasons, and the new Gilmore Girls episodes than anything. Stupid Netflix.

This was a surprise. I won all 3 at a work event. So many goodies to come.


 How was your Christmas? What was you FAVORITE gift? (mine was my Garmin from the dude)

Do you have any weird cold-weather issues?

What race, or other activity, is on your calendar?


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