I have a 5k coming up. You know that. It's on 5/18, and I'm getting ready!


I was successful in running not sucking for 3 days in a row.
1.8 miles each time. I haven't timed it yet. I'm sure it's a slow pace, but the point is that I haven't walked. Just keep running, just keep running.

I want to thank SR for an great idea in one of her recent posts. She mentioned that she regularly checks in on how she feels. This caught my attention and I think it's helping me. As I run, I just talk to myself about my feet: How is my heel? Am I landing mid-foot?
About my legs: Are they cramping or just burning?
About my breathing: Am I struggling for a real reason, or just b/c I'm not paying attention?
Basically, and all over check-up. It takes my mind off the road, and helps me realize that I can make it, I can survive. If I walk my muscles will tighten and the walk home will be worse/harder than the run home.

Here are a few after shots from my weekend run set:

A little pickle juice after my Friday run. Mmm-mm.

Saturday I went for a run before my mom came to town. Good lookin'!

Sunday I went out after church, and after mom headed back home. I was sad to see her go, and thought getting out on the road would clear my mind. It worked, although, I didn't run fast enough to catch her car. (sad face)

I hope to go daily. If I can tackle that 1.8 this week and get my struggle down, I hope to beef it up a little next week so that I can cruise through my next 3.1.

I hope you get out this week too!

BTW, Have you seen my THUNDER?!?! 2nd ROUND!!!!

What is your next physical feat?

How is your running/boxing/dancing/weight lifting/etc going?


  1. Finished a 5k on Friday night, no PR, but finished at my average. I'm going try to check in on my body and ignore the complaining in my brain. I'll let you know how it goes!


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