Life Recap!

Let me catch you up on my happenings!

I went to Big Lots, and got all of this for $19. I love that store.

One night I made chicken soft tacos with my leftover salsa and little bits of chicken we had in the freezer. They were scrumptious!

My dill plant loves me as you can see....

Two thumbs up for running! I was not so energetic about an hour later...

I trimmed the rose bush in the back yard, and couldn't stand just leaving all those pretty petals on the ground. These made the house smell nice for a few days. Then I dumped them out under the rose bush in the front. Looked like someone had beat it to death with all those petals everywhere.

Storm moving along the west side of us as we drove home. This storm ended up hitting Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Shawnee. There was a lot of damage from the 2 tornados.

 Back at the ranch, I had sunshine. Meatball decided to get out and sunbathe.
Me and Weiner Dog, early on Monday morning. Sad story: I believe he had a stroke Saturday afternoon. When I got home Sunday his back legs would barely work. His tail is still wagging, but he seems lost and confused. If he makes it through the day, I will probably have him put down. I rescued him when he was 6 and I've had him for 10 years. I'll really miss him, but if he cannot enjoy life, it's just not right to hang on. He has had a wonderful life with us! XOXOXO weinie dog love!


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