Retraining the mind

Staying focused is hard.

I haven't been to the gym since April 16th.

I ran 2.5 miles last Saturday, and 1.8 miles Tuesday.

That's all folks. No push-ups. No sit-ups. No yoga. No tricep dips. No strength classes. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. get the point. I've been lazy! I feel bad, phyically and mentally.

Tonight I'm going for a short (2m) run, then a walk/jog with a neighbor that wants to get started.

I must get back on board. I LOVE running. I LOVE R.I.P.P.E.D. on Saturdays. I LOVE our Tough Mudder training. But I just haven't been in the right mind I guess. Blah.

This month I'm also going booze-less. I'm not an overdrinker, but I know it causes bloat, and this friend and I decided we are going to slim down a little by holding back instead of tipping back. I know what you're thinking,  Cinco de Mayo is coming up! It's almost the weekend! The grass is green! Blue is a color!" Yes, yes, all of those are reasons to celebrate with a little bubbly. We have made a decision though, and we're sticking to we say. We'll see. I'm for sure going to withhold the first few weeks of July b/c I'm going to San Diego to see my super skinny, super tan, super gorgeous friend. I assume I'll be in a swimmy suit so I need to be ready. I'll drink while I'm there, ya know, to catch up.

Here are some things I've been eating, doing, and seeing lately:

Breakfast I threw together b/c I was out of milk
Dinner when the naysayer says we have nay
Lunch from the nothing dinner
Fish soup. mmmm

B-e-a-utiful Lake Murray. The only blue, blue water and sandy, sandy beach around.

Totally legit photog moment

A rose from my front yard, in my moon pie me

Summer running, the redness begins


  1. Oh no! I screwed up your link. You can now find that friend at

    Sorry, I promise to leave it alone from now on! I better inform all the other people that were linked to my blog...


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