This "IZZ" the best night ever. And ever and ever and ever.

I don't know about you, but I'm the friend that always drinks too much... Always fun on road trips. I'll get us there, but what? What's scarier than getting back in the car 6 hrs from home and saying "ok, who's the least drunk?

This happened to me recently. Two friends and I went fa fa away, drank the drinky poo, laughed and laughed (and fell in love with the object of our evening), then made our way to the automobile. ... ... ... tick tock tick tock How long can we sit in this car at the curb before we have to move to avoid suspicion? "So who's the least drunk?". Well.... We did make it home, by 7am. Did you know that -5 degree temps can really straighten out your cloudy head? Works. Try it.

That was our trip to see the Izz. (moments of love and adoration edited out for your safety)


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