Long time draft about a house, incomplete work. Grade: F++

This post has been a draft for a month now. I have been holding out to add pics of the house. I still haven't taken pics of the house. So, here ya go. I'll do better next time. :)

June 13th: We closed! I bought a house before hitting the old dirty awesome age of 30. I tried to move in that night, but alas, the a/c wasn't working. 100 degrees and 90% humidity...uh, no thanks. I stayed at the rent house until Sunday, and then hoofed it to the hot house. Blah!

I slept in the dining room with a little a/c until Wednesday, only to find out that the repair guy had fixed the a/c Sunday, but didn't know it. Super fabulous. I'm so over my allergies.

During the sweatfest I opened the windows upstairs to cool it off so that I could shower in the upstairs bathroom. Due to a nice summer wind storm, I now have a broken storm window laying on the roof.

Ah...ownership. Awesome. (read: not!)

All is well with the world now though. Air conditioned, window removed, but not replaced yet.

When buying a house, don't, I repeat, DON'T buy a house. No really, it's cool...fiixing everything and making huge remodeling plans.


  1. Congrats! Welcome to being 30 and owning a home!


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