Cheese is a food group

Let's talk about food.

Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. (Notice this says 'nutritious, and maintain life and growth)
nourishment - fare - nutriment - aliment - pabulum
I love food.
I can eat food everyday!
I like spicy food, sweet food, gooey food, and for sure, free food. Food is good. (those don't rhyme and that has always bothered me)
Bodies need food. What they don't need is 'food'. Know what I mean? I can snarf on some Taco Casa, or Bueno, or Qdoba. I like pizza. I like chips and salsa and cheap chicken enchiladas covered in cheese with rice covered in cheese, with a side of queso with some cheese on it.
What I don't like is feeding it to my body every day. I don't like to feel bloated and sluggish.
I want a night out to eat to feel special, not normal.
Aside from eating out, eating in can be just as bad. Prepackaged = preservatives. Prepackaged = mystery. Prepackaged = pretty bad idea.

Grow it. Pick it. Eat it. Food is fuel. Fuel correctly. Get creative. If it is natural, it's good.

Here are some things I've eaten lately. May they help your inspiration and creativity 'grow'.
 Homemade salsa makes rice and beans the best meal ever! Well, along with cheese, and avocado, and sour cream. And cheese. With cheese.
Impromptu lunch. Steamed broccoli, black beans, cheese sticks and avocado. Take that McDeath.
I did go out to lunch once. Sauteed shrimp, rice, and beer. And cheese.
 Last minute lunch at work again. I brought a bowl of pasta and nothing else. Went to grocery store, picked up some parm to shred and a bag of steamable green beans. Easy! (like your mom('s cooking)) hahahaha.

Delivered meal for the new homeowner. Ribs, potato salad, vinegar coleslaw and grapes a la mode (sans the a la mode. ).
 Spinach, corn, black beans, tomato, onion, cilantro, and jala. Topped w/homemade cilantro lime 'ranch'. Eat. This. Forever!
Spinach, red cabbage, tomato and feta. I think I topped it with the cilantro lime 'ranch. Oh, and parm cheese. Dur.
 The Slimcado. I did not eat this. I'm worried about diet produce.... But look at that beautiful backdrop of garlic!!!!
The first tomatoes from my garden this year. Spectacular!
I love me some Italian food. This is homemade cajun turkey alfredo. I know.... Thats a mish-mash. Turkey breast pounded out and smothered in cajun seasoning, whole wheat pasta, and homemade alfredo made from parm cheese, cream cheese, milk and garlic. Drool.
What have you been eating lately?
How often do you eat out? Restaurant or drive-thru....


  1. Food and good look alike, they should rhyme. Cheese for LIFE!


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