I'm back, and I have shoes!

I know, it's been months. In my defense, remember, I don't have internet at home. Blogging on my phone is too maddening, and blogging at work doesn't, well, work. I have been super busy with everything in the whole wide world. So, here is a quick recap:

In December I barely ran because of scheduling and cold weather. I do have a gym membership, and started doing the classes they offer, that sorta replaced running.

In January I signed up for a 6 week bootcamp, which is now over. I lost 12 lbs since Thanksgiving, and an inch off each thigh. Those are the only 2 measurements I kept up with. I fit into a pair of jeans I bought when I was dating my husband in 2004, so that's winning to me!

Yesterday was the end of month 1 of the 7 experiment. If you are unaware of 7, look up Jenn Hatmaker. It's an amazing book, and and amazing experiment, if you dare! Today is day one of month 2. Yikes! I got to meet Jenn when she was speaking at a nearby church in early March, and it just made my year. She is super fantastic.

I'm trying to get back to my 3 mile per day routine, but my lungs are not cooperating. I had a terrible sinus infection for weeks, and the damage is done. I can barely do a 1/2 mile w/o weezing. Right now my plans of doing a 10k in April are shut down, and looks like a half by July will be out too. I'm just hoping to get back on the 5k horse. #bummer But, I did buy new shoes!!

Over the weekend I went with a friend on a day long adventure looking for bridesmaid dresses and compression socks. We we successful. And to top it off....we found a Trader Joes!!

Next week I leave on my annual mini-mission trip. Wish me luck!


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