on the road again

In more ways than one. 1) I bought a car, sort of. We got a 99 Grand Am in on trade the other day, and I've been driving it under the agreement that they will take the cost out of my check weekly. But the car isn't exactly ours yet, so it isn't exactly mine yet either. We'll see. 2) I went on a trip this las weekend to Altus and Tipton. Pretty neat I must say. I went to the "farm" where my BF and his family grew up yadda yadda. I saw tumbleweeds and cotton fields. It was relaxing. I've decided that I want to live somewhere like that. As strange as that is, being that it is like the place I grew up in that I hated. I just want windows. Windows to watch the sunrise and sunset. That's it. Smile at strangers, it may save their life.


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