Khakis, YTT, Running.....HELLO!!!


I'm admitting it: I can't run well on my own. There, I said it.

I am terrible at pushing myself on the pavement. I like my comfortable pace, and I proudly show it. I'm not comfortable with my time or my progress.

I've registered for my first full marathon. April 30th, 2017. I've paid for it, I've told people about it, I'm doing it.

I have realized that I can fake my way through 13.1 miles, but I cannot fake my way through 26.2 miles. I HAVE to train. For real. Fo' realzies.

How does one 'train' like an 'athlete'? Running coaches. Or, for poor people like me, free apps designed by running coaches. My issue with this has always been that I have to show up, on a regular basis, on a schedule set by someone other than myself, and do what someone else tells me to do. I'm not an entitled millennial, I'm just a stubborn, know-it-all, 30-ish woman from the South. Yeah, you get it.

Ugh, running. Double ugh, running on a schedule. Do you know how long it takes to cleanse/condition/dry my hair? If you've followed along for long enough, you know I HATE doing this regularly. If I have to run almost every day, this equals a lot of hair issues. #naturallycurly #naturallylazy

So, here we are, week 4 of a 14 week half marathon plan, to get me ready for an 18 week full marathon plan. I showed up for 2 days of the 6 scheduled days on each of the first 3 weeks. I have done ONE day of the 6 scheduled days for week 4. It's Thursday (happy Khaki Thursday, btw). I have 3 days left in the week (one of which I will be in YTT for 10 hours. Ooh, more updates on that in a minute), and 2 run days schedules, so I have tonight, and tomorrow night to show up. Ugh.......

I'm showing up for 33% of my current schedule, and we're on easy street still! This means I'll make it through 8.73 miles of my full marathon at my current training rate, AND, I'll run that extremely slow.

Running is hard, but training to run is harder. It really is 90% mental, 10% physical; but you have to be 100% insane to do this for 'fun'.


We're finally here! I'm doing it!

My stomach is in knots. My back is in knots. My brain is in knots. No, not binds, nervous knots.

I applied for 200 hour YTT back in February, and was accepted! I start my 9 month training class THIS SATURDAY!

With running, and work, and life (#adulting), my home practice has been collecting dust. Oh, I'm still flexible, I can still rock a quick flow when I want, I'm getting much better at headstands, no, I still can't do the splits. But my daily devotion to it has slacked. So much so that I find myself laying on my mat looking at yoga poses on Insta rather than actually doing it.

Devotion: not something I've been strong at lately. Friends. Home repair. Gardening (#Cogarden2016). Bible study (#SundayChristian, this is something I'm not proud of, but I believe admitting our lack of devotion will encourage us to be better...I hope) Oh, and blogging. You know how bad I've been at that.

Anyway, I'm headed to my first 20 hours of YTT Saturday. I'm spending my time in between now and then stretching, running, stretching, foam rolling, and laying on the floor. I'm really good at savasana.


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