D-O for my B-O; back on the mat.

I'm on day 5 of trying Native natural deodorant.

Let's take a quick trip though my sweat.

I sweat. A lot. I sweat from my underarms, my back, my head, my forearms, my belly button, my tush, my kneecaps, the backs of my knees, my arches, and everywhere else that is covered in skin. I glisten, I glow, I gleam, I gush.

I've used Dove, Secret, Degree, Suave. Regular, sensitive, clinical, prescription.

Roll on, spray on, rub on.

Clear, solid, opaque, glittered, gel, liquid, and unicorn paste.

Nothing impedes it, it just keeps it from making people pass out when they get a whiff. "My, that river running down your spine sure smells fresh."

Over the last year my concern has shifted from slowing the flowing to focusing on what's getting absorbed, and the long term effects.

Recently I saw a study completed on natural antiperspirants and women. The top pick was Native. I've never heard of that and I live in Oklahoma. Everything is 'native' here. ...anyway.

Their website clearly states that they feel "your deodorant shouldn't be a chemistry experiment". I couldn't agree more. The link between aluminum and breast cancer is obvious to all of us except the deodorant companies. I'm no scientist, nor a doctor, but anything applied that close to a gland that seems to grow cancer easily...well, I've gotten a little worried. Thanks WebMD.

Native offers 3 scents: Unscented, Fresh and Clean, and Lavender and Rose. I chose the L/R because I use lavender in my hair gel. I like the scent and most other people do too.

What I've discovered so far about this antiperspirant:

1: It's tougher to put on than national brands. It has a tendancy to dislike moisture, so applying too soon after your shower won't work.
2: It can roll up easily, but you can rub it in easily too.
3:It has caused some redness. Either I'm allergic to it, or it's sensitivity because the product doesn't create a rub barrier as well as Dove. I predict the latter, as it doesn't itch.
4: I smell like a hippie. I had my hands under my arms (ala Mary Katherine Gallagher) at church yesterday because I was freezing. I noticed they smelled a bit like garlic, but hadn't cooked with garlic in days. It was my pits. My sweat mixed with the herbal DO made for a very 'free-spirit' scent. ...I may try the Fresh and Clean.

At this point, I'm not ready to give up on natural, but I know why so many people don't want to try it. I'm not willing to increase my chances of cancer just to smell nice, or have smooth underarms, but I'm going to have to do some more testing. I don't want to live for another 60 years smelling like a root veggie.

 Back on the mat

Oh this yoga journey. So inspired. So excited. So lazy.

I have not been practicing like I should be. You already knew that. If I'm not blogging, it's because I have nothing to share. No running, no stretching, no cooking. Boo.

For the past week though, I have been on the mat. Not a lot, but a little each day. I'm finding that morning yoga, although it feels best, is my least likely time to practice. I just don't want to get out of bed these days!

I don't know that I'll be able to get into YTT in October, but I darn well better be practiced enough.

Do yoga because you love your body, and for no other reason.

I'm making soup. Lots of soup. I need new ideas for soups. Crock-pot soups, pressure cooker soups, summer soups, veggie soups, soup bowl soups.

Lay it on me! What is your favorite kind to eat and make?

Have you tried natural deodorant? What is your favorite brand?

Are you working out? What has your inspiration been lately?



  1. I probably laughed harder than I should have through the DO review. Garlic!

    I have new inspiration for fitness, still lazy... sad face.


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