Taking a break is overrated

Ok, so it depends on WHAT you take a break from.

This summer I have taken breaks from: blogging, running, yoga, ummm...*clears throat* marriage, church, and....oh, my brain.

Most of this isn't soooo bad. The bad part is that all of it is what makes me, well, me. Without any one part, I'm not totally me. I'm ok with that though.

Let me explain a bit better.

I stopped blogging because 1.) I don't have a computer or Internet at home, and I H.A.T.E. blogging on my phone. 2.) work has been too busy for me to blog in between deadlines. 3.) my blogging inspiration comes from the blogs I typically read, and since IE 9 no longer wants to support blogger, I was without viewing ability until I discovered FireFox. Now I'm inspired again.

I stopped running and yoga due to a serious foot problem. I was told I may need surgery, but after a new MRI and about 16 weeks of rest and no high heels, I am back-ish. I still need custom insoles so it doesn't happen again, but I can start back now.

I 'stopped' marriage because my marriage took a break from me. I went through this for the last 2 years, and another few years before that. I've mourned the loss of my marriage for a long time. I don't talk about it because it isn't your business and it's really kinda boring.The papers have been filed, the court date is set. Let's just leave it at that.

I stopped church because it is summer and I 'live' at the lake and on the road during the summer. That is not a good excuse though, just know that I know that. I didn't quit God, let me make that perfectly clear. God and I grow closer in the times when I'm away from the physical church because I'm forced to interact with Him on a personal level only; no 'putting on' or being 'churchy'. Just Him, me, and the truth.

I took a break from my brain. ....uh.....what was I saying? :)

I took a short trip out to the west coast for a friends wedding. I met God around a bend in the road, at the base of a mountain. Sometimes you have to go a long way to realize just how small you are. Maybe small, but of major importance.

Now that I can run again, yoga again, and breath again, I think I'll get back to business as usual.

What have you stepped away from recently?
How did those around you react?
 Have you ever been to the wind farm in the Mojave?? 


  1. Welcome back! We've missed you! I'm totally jealous of your CA adventure, that mountain looks amazing.


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