Nike running app and running early in the am

My neighbor wanted to get back into running. She conned  talked me into going at 5:15 am. I had been going to the gym at this time, but running that early? Ugh.

You should see my hair at 5:15. I won't post a picture, you didn't do anything to deserve that torture. I don't have one of those 'woke up this way' looks. J-lo I am not.

She's a lady, whoa whoa whoa, she's a lady..... monster.

I've stuck to it though. We are on week 3 and I've only missed once, because of an eye infection. No, I can't run with an eye infection...on a 5:15 in.the.morning.

It's mostly cleared up now, I just can't wear contacts. I'm basically blind without contacts or glasses, so you can imagine my fear while trying to decide what that thing was coming after me on the football field today. It was a tackling dummy. And it wasn't moving; I was. Uh....I promise I'm smart.

Worst part is my Nike running app keeps screwing up. Anyone else have this problem? I am still too cheap to buy a Garmin, so I have to live this way, counting laps around the field. It's a real drag to have to keep mental track of your distance when you are trying to not think about your distance.



  1. You almost look ready for a zombie run! Just kidding friend. Keep up the good work!


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